5 CV Writing Tips To Help You Land That Interview

One of the most important tools in your job hunting arsenal is your resume – a poor resume will see your application in the trash can moving faster than a skydiver who forgot his parachute… a good resume will likely get you noticed and maybe even see you into an interview or two…but a great resume will not only get you through the door for more interviews, but can also help overshadow other applicants pushing them right out of the picture.

What do you think that does for your chances in the interview?

Your resume really only has one particular goal, and that is to get you past the review and into the interview seat. your resume should sell you, it should make you stand out as the only logical choice for the job.

Here are 5 cv writing tips that you can use to help get you over the first hurdle and get you sitting right in that interview hot seat.

1: First Impressions Do Count – Everyone knows this when it comes to in-person communication, but how many of us think the same thing about writing emails, or writing a resume? Just like you will dress smart, make yourself as presentable and dress-appropriate as possible, your resume should follow a style guide too.

Use concise sentences. Keep the resume clean and clutter free. Make use of White space. Structure your resume such that the pertinent information comes first and hits home, and follow-up with the standard resume filler material.

2: Focus On The Needs Of The Employer – Don’t waste your time writing about irrelevant job histories and hobbies that have no bearing on the position being applied for. Your employer is looking for the best fit for the position, so craft your resume around what they are looking for.

3: Be Specific – Don’t ramble. Don’t write anything that detracts from what is important and relevant to the job you are after. Don’t use a generic resume for every position you apply for. Tweak it to make it specific to the position you are seeking.

4: Tease The Employer – where possible, try to hint at highly relevant skills and experience without giving all of the details. Tease the employer, pique their curiosity so that they sub-consciously feel a need to learn more about this applicant, about you!

How will they find out more? By inviting you for an interview…

5: Your Resume Is A Sales Ad – Too often resumes turn into an employment history with a section for a ton of skills, some relevant, some not. Your resume has a single goal – to get you an interview. Think about it from the consumer point of view (where the employer is the consumer, and you are the product) – would you opt to buy a product that kind of, sort of, meets your needs, or something that is exactly what you were looking for?

Now, there are many more tips and pieces of advice i could give you on writing a cv, but these 5 should give you a good overview of the kind of angles you need to consider when you are writing a resume specifically to get to the interview (bonus tip #6, in case you missed it already, is that getting the interview is the only reason for writing a resume…).

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