Recruiters & Employers Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up FREE today! Increase your business and potential candidates!. Candidates are sent directly to your e-mail box. They are pre-qualified. All you do is complete our form and select what type of candidates you wish to receive and that is it!. You will only receive the candidates that match your selected criteria.

NOTICE : All recruiter applications will be screened.
Please make sure the email address you provide us is valid. You will receive all resumes to this email.
You may change the email address or edit any information once you have created an account.
We do not sign companies up, if you are receiving resumes someone in your company signed up to receive them.

Why join ResumeWorkz.com?
At ResumeWorkz.com we make sure that the service we provide you is conducted in a professional and efficient manner. We provide you with the ability to select the candidates you wish to receive and ONLY those will be sent to you by our system. You may choose a specific industry and only those resumes will be sent to you. Directly to your e-mail box.
Our service to you is completely FREE! There are no hidden costs or tricks. You receive a user name and password and may change or cancel you subscription at any time. No questions asked.

Tell me why? Join the ResumeWorkz.com network!
Complete the application it is short and easy. After that we will verify that you are a recruiter, headhunter or employer. You will then be activated. You will start receiving resumes that match your criteria immediately.
All candidates are screened. You will not receive advertisements or junk e-mail.
All the resumes are fresh and accurate as well as screened!.
They are candidates searching for jobs TODAY not old outdated resumes or junk mail..
Our service is not only great but it is FREE! FREE!
You are in complete control of your profile and can update it , change it or cancel if you desire. Most important we do not sell or rent our information so your information is completely private.

How does this work?
Very simple! ResumeWorkz.com sends your resume and cover letter directly to recruiters, headhunters and employers with the click of a button. This enables you to get FAST exposure to many job positions waiting to be filled. Our research indicates that our method is the most efficient not only in time saved and cost. It would take you months to reach all the employers and recruiters in our network and cost you a bundle. Just fill out the application and press send that is all there is to it!
We cover all professions from A-Z!, from accountants to zoologist we have your next job!. We do not accept HTML resumes, they must be in text form. (cut & paste)
Some E-mail addresses will not accept HTML and will reject your resume.

Why are we unique?
Unlike other services we allow you to exclude a particular company.
By allowing direct hiring companies to our network we expand the possibilities and probabilities for your next career move! Suppose you work at XYZ Corp. the last thing you need is your resume to land at personnel. By developing a system that allows exclusion we can also accept corporations to our network. This gives you maximum exposure. We allow you to select several criteria (geographical location, industry)

What response can I expect?
All candidates receive a different response due to the many variables at play. Your field, for example IT, is a very hot active field so response will be greater. Your experience and qualifications as well play a part. Your industry or geographical preference may narrow the response.

When will my resume be sent?
Most resumes are sent within twenty four hours.

Who will see my information?
Only companies that have been approved to join the Resumeworkz Network. If you selected to exclude a company and they are databank they will not receive your information. Please make sure that when you fill out your information you provide the exact name of the corporation, not a D.B.A. or division.

How do you charge my card?
Once you sign up your credit card information is processed by Authorize.net the leading credit card processor on the Internet. This is all done by secure servers and guaranteed to be secure.

Corporations and Recruiters are welcomed!