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Resumeworkz is committed to your privacy. We will use the data we collect for internal purposes only. This information will ensure that our services are best suited for our customers both recruiters, employers and job seekers alike. Resumeworkz will occasionally use its E-mail database in our efforts to reach our users with special offers, new services and our newsletter. All of our clients are given the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time from further contact from

We do not sell, rent or exchange any of the data we collect.
We request to all of our user to respect others privacy and we do not support the selling , posting or disseminating job seeker information. Employers and recruiters “agree” by signing up to the service that the information they receive is to be used only for the purpose it is intendended for.

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If you are not satisfied with the results you receive the only remedy is to remove yourself or company from receiving our services.

Terms Of Use

By joining the Resumeworkz network employers and recruiter agree to the following:

You will use the candidates information for job placing purposes and not for any other reason.
No candidate should be sent offers for products and/or services.

When you sign up with Resumeworkz you agree, that you are the party responsible, and have
the authority to sign up for such a program.

You agree not to sell any service or product to the candidates. Unless requested by the Job Seeker.
You may direct a candidate to your web sites career section.

You may not disseminate or distribute a candidates personal information unless the candidate has agreed with you to do so. reserves the right to terminate any account, with or without cause or reason. Resumeworkz has the right to refuse its services to any individual or company with or without reason.

You agree that if there is any legal action by a user, candidate and/or company for breaching any of the rules hereby stated or any other unforeseen circumstance you will be solely responsible for all attorney fees and any cost incurred by any such action.
Spamming is prohibited and your account will be terminated if found doing so.

All information on this site is the intellectual property of reserves the right to change anything on the site. Including but not limited to the services, rules, operating methods, programs and prices without prior notice. makes no representation to the success of its services nor do we guarantee any recruiter, affiliate, jobseeker or employer success directly or indirectly.

If you are not satisfied with the results from the only remedy is to remove yourself or company from receiving our services.
This agreement supersedes any other agreement verbal or written between Infinity Consulting Group, Inc. and any other party.

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